The project commenced as an investigation of Edinburgh Central Library’s service networks, and the points at which the Library’s ‘hidden’ backbone traverses the building envelope, and connects to the city beyond. Consideration of water and its resistance to attempts at control became markedly important to my initial enquiry.
The adaptive proposal : a manifestation of the exploratory investigations, introduces a number of moments of water encounter, evoking a greater awareness of water as a precious amenity to be celebrated, in both historic and contemporary socio-political contexts.
The moments, [a water collector, drinking water fountain, hand wash basin, re-imagined well-head and bathroom] located gravitationally throughout the building, in dialogue with existing building imperfections, enhance the library as a civic space to be enjoyed by contemporary publics. Both material and human encounter are emphasised, through sensory experiences, and interrogation of the abilities of materials to collect, distribute and control the passage of water.