I have spent the last four summers working at Turnberry, a development strategy consultancy company, where I have been responsible for a long-term project.
The initial task was to produce a series of hand drawn maps which documented key periods of development throughout the history of Oxford University, using historic maps and drawings. This demonstrated the physical transformation of Oxford, in relation to the history of the university and colleges. I researched the architectural history of Oxford from c.1250 to the present day, and identified key dates of relevance throughout its history. My completed drawings were scanned and coloured using photoshop, highlighting the university and college buildings, surrounding buildings, fields and water features. The project was used as an exemplar in presentations.
Following the success of the Oxford maps, Turnberry chose to repeat the project for other client universities, in addition to universities abroad with universally acclaimed campus designs. I was invited back to complete the researching and drawing of these mapping projects, of which I have completed six, and will return over Christmas to complete the seventh. 
It has been extremely interesting and satisfying to be able to compare the development of such a range of universities and their surrounding landscapes, both visually, through the drawings and through the extensive research I undertook.
My maps will form part of a Turnberry publication currently in progress.
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